Let Me Level With You – #1 – California to Hawaii

By: A Flat Earther | Date: 2.02.2016 | Categories: Flat Earth, Jeranism

Let Me Level With You #1. My hope is to come out with some solid evidence based videos that will be easy to share with people who are not quite grasping the idea of the impossibility of living on a ball. This episode is about the curvature between California and Hawaii. Doing the math will give you a curvature of 789 miles between California and Hawaii. That equates to standing 13,000+ Statues of Liberty on top of each other. That is a damn high hump of water. This is simply not measurable. Why you ask? Because everywhere on Earth is level. They say because gravity pulls all things to the center of earth, but this is not proven. It is a belief. So if you choose to believe that story, that is fine. I believe something different and I’ll go so far as to say that the evidence leans in my direction.