Mud Flood

Mud mud glorious mud, nothing quite like it for wiping out a generation or two!

Recommended mud flooders. (in no particular order)

Martin Liedtke



Philipp Druzhinin

Mudfossil University

Mud Flood

I reckon we’re agreed there’s been mud floods in the distant and recent past. Many buildings have windows below ground level, you just wouldn’t build like that. I’ve also noticed that there’s hardly any photos or drawing of anyone building pre 20th century so were some buildings already there?

We’ve also seen the earthquakes that “turn mountains to wax” on TV and other media. Maybe all earthquakes are generated by vibrations via someĀ  weapon of mass destruction? Like the fasces? You can be sure things in the sky like comets have had something to do with destruction in the past going by what Martin Liedtke has been presenting in his videos lately.

So what frequency can shake a building?