Read the info in the links provided below and make your own mind up – RESEARCH some more from as many sources as you can. If you are bright and awake you will find the truth. Don’t get all your information/knowledge from one place – seek it out.


The yellow dot represents earth the blue dot is the sun tan dot the moon

Where’s the Edge Then?
Why Hasn’t Anyone Fallen Off the Edge!?
How Can You Circumnavigate a Flat Plane?
Why Do Ship’s Hulls Disappear First Over the Horizon?
How Do Foucault’s Pendulums Work?
How Does Gravity Work On a Flat Earth?
How Do the Seasons Work?
Why Does the Sun Appear to Rise and Set?
Why Can’t I See the Sun at Night?
Why Can’t I See Polaris in the Southern Hemisphere?
What About the Coriolis Effect?
What About Relativity?
What About Picture/Video Evidence from ‘Space’?
What Causes the Tides?
But I Can See the Curve From My Airplane Window!
There’s a Curve in the Red Bull Dive Too!
All the Other ‘Planets’ are Spheres!
Why is the Moon Upside Down in the Southern Hemisphere?
Why Do the Stars Move the Opposite Way Around a Southern Polestar?
Why Can’t I Use a Telescope and See Clear Across the Pacific?
What About the Earth’s Round Shadow on the Moon!?
What About Eratosthenes Shadow Experiment?
What About GPS and Google Earth?
What About Satellites?
What About the Space Station?
What About the Hubble Telescope?
What About the Moon Landings?
What About the Mars Landings?
What About Meteors?
Why Would They Lie To Us About The Flat Earth!?
You Seriously Think There’s a 500 Year Conspiracy With All Duped/Duplicitous Politicians, Scientists, Astrophysicists, Astronauts and Engineers!?