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Well I (Azimuthal-Equidistant) got banned from the ifers board today for posting the following on a post.

thinkforyouself banned me as far as I can make out. I did create another account so I could reply – my reply was quickly taken down. thinkforyouself went on to say I was a shill for mentioning that idiot below (lsc) and then he put up his FULL name!  As if he was correcting me? Me a shill – I didn’t even know what one was until I saw his paranoid ramblings – I suppose his signature says it all “shillaphobia” cos that’s what he’s got.  I’ll still be lurking on the board as there’s a lot of great info on there.

If you get banned download the “tor browser”.

I must say you admin lot do pile in as if it was a 4/20 board. lol
I remember seeing a thread on roll it up or somewhere – where some guy asked a question and it was two weeks before someone answered, the guy that answered wasn’t totally right but as soon as he posted loads of em started wading in saying he was a twat for posting wrong information and then agreeing with each other and licking each others arses! I checked out some of their posts and most of em just lurked until something was posted that they didn’t agree with and BANG off they go again! WTF why didn’t they answer the guys question in the 1st place?

I mean fuck me most shit grows or expands on our plane – take a tree it grows and then next year grows a bit more – imagine we are in some whopping great big cell (great big to us) that’s growing a little every year? Maybe that goon lord steve has the right shape – cell shaped? Or that book firmament up and below like a cell?

If a guy makes a mistake posting something it only takes one of you to be nice and point them in the right direction or re-post the post in the correct place or simply delete the post if it aint viable. Lets be fucking nice about this instead of being rude to folk who quite frankly are brand new to all this evidence. Give em a gob-full and some doods will never post again 😉
Strengthen their weaknesses but don’t weaken what may be our strength.

How to make a ball earth out of a piece of paper 😉

thinkforyourself REPLY

How dare you; he raised an issue, and we simply responded to it. If you don’t like our forum rules, then leave.

It is also very telling that you are now promoting Lord Steven Christ; you have shown your true Shill colours.

Needless to say I did not leave – I got banned.

Anyhow the pair of them – the Jesus lookalike and his lizard mate are still at it on the same post lol


“If you genuinely care about the truth, then educate yourself on the topics that I have raised. How dare you accuse me of making up explorers? I made up absolutely nothing. Just because you are ignorant, it does not mean that I am wrong. I simply know more about this subject than you do.” (lol)

“So far you have shown yourself to be rude, accusatory, needlessly dismissive and lazy when it comes to researching the truth. You have shown me no respect despite my attempts to help you. Instead you have accused me of ‘making things up’.”

lol This is exactly as I saw you thinkforyourselfwell some of it anyway – rude, accusatory, needlessly dismissive. You have shown me no respect despite my attempts to help you with populating your board with some very good maps and links.