Flat Earther Rants

From time to time I have a rant and then carry on.

Why does CERN spend our billions on the LHC? Why does NASA spend trillions on mucking about in space and sending probes to Pluto? What benefit does humanity get from all this waste of money in the name of science? Surely all that wasted money could have and should be put to better use? Who authorises all this wastage when there are millions suffering here on Earth who couldn’t give a shit about some so called big bang or luminaries millions of miles away? We need to stop thinking outside the box and take a look at what’s going on inside the box! How would you feel  if you were starving and you had no food or clean water to give to your children and you hear of some folk only a few thousand miles away wasting money that could help you and your family get the basics for a reasonable standard of life?

The cost to end world hunger…

— $30 billion per year is needed to end world hunger
— $737 billion per year is the amount the US Congress spends (Hang on, you/we) on Defense
_ The Large Hadron Collider costs the member countries of CERN and other participating countries an estimated $6.4 billion + $1 or more each year.
– NASA’s 2015 budget would remain essentially flat at $17.5 billion