Flat Earth (AE) Map = Southern Flights No Longer a Problem?

By: A Flat Earther | Date: 18.04.2016 | Categories: Flat Earth, Rob Skiba

By Rob Skiba

OK. Don’t shoot me, but I’ve been reconsidering the Gleason’s Standard Map, aka the Azimuthal Equidistant (Flat Earth) Map. Could it really be scientifically and practically accurate “As It Is?” Could it hold the key to solving the problem of the flights in the so called southern hemisphere? Could this be the piece TigerDan was missing when he set out to make his map? I am beginning to think so. I just threw this video together real quick, so please pardon any mistakes and the poor audio. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my headset mic selected for audio on Google Hangout, so it grabbed the audio from my cheap webcam.

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